Social Media Advertising – Is It Worth It?





Social media has become a BIG thing the last few years…so what’s all the buzz around?
Is it worth the extra time, resources, maybe $$, to spend on setting a SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING STRATEGY??
Myself, being in the graphics for social media industry, am pushing for – YES!

Businesses like Padron Social Marketing are popping up everywhere to help with just such…
I recently subscribed to their newsletter to help my own business stay on top of the hype..
With permission, I would like to re-post some helpful info, that might help you re-think YOUR OWN strategies..

5 reasons why social marketing done well is worth you company’s time and money, especially with Facebook’s algorithm changes and Instagram’s momentum!
Trust: People don’t necessarily trust advertisements and they resent advertisers for interrupting their day. Having conversations and building relationships achieves the opposite effect. People are open to it and engage when they have time.

Visibility: With your target market spending an average of 23 minutes four times a day on social media sites you have an opportunity for more exposure.  This exposure is from potential guests and from media looking for stories.

Word of Mouth: Word of mouth is the most preferred marketing tool for small business owners.  It takes just a second for someone to share content about your brand with their friends, family and other like minded people.

Voice: As the publisher of your content, you get more say in what people hear about you and your brand.

Cost: Cost starts at zero.  Although you can pay for graphics, photography and video production most content will be very low cost and there are so many apps to save time and look better.

Thanks to Padron Social Marketing for the tips!!
You can reach their site HERE for more online info/training!

In the meantime…if you need help with SURFACING YOUR BRAND or SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIC…
Contact myself and we’ll setup a meeting!