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New year, new initiatives

No time like the present… but often things get in the way from allowing us to fulfill goals and initiatives. New Years can feel like a fresh start for us all. To attain those goals, it’s not just a matter of self-discipline, changes in routine or habits. It’s about securing a better, healthier way in what Read More

Here’s to love…

Here’s to love… and all it is capable of accomplishing over a lifetime. To love instead of put down. To love instead of tear up. To love instead of seek revenge. To love instead of disrespect. Here’s to a life full of love for one of my best friends. These vintage-themed wedding programs were designed Read More

Refinishing for new looks!

On a side note — my creativity doesn’t always happen to be exercised BEHIND the computer screen… When it comes to creativity and its usage, opportunities are endless! Even if you don’t believe you posses it,  there are COUNTLESS sites, magazines and DIY tutorials out there! That being said, I needed a little outlet, and Read More

It’s a new year…

Happy New Year to all of you! Hoping it’s off to a GREAT start, despite the colder temps up here! (Enjoy the sunshine, though!) I’d like to take a few lines to thank all of my clients that have helped make 2014 my BEST YEAR YET for Deep Creative!! There is NO WAY I could Read More

Autumn in its Glory…

Just a few photographs I’d like to share before this beautiful season passes us by… Amidst the busy-ness in our lives, let’s not forget to enjoy each day in a special way, however it might be… Simple is beautiful, less is more… Enjoy Fall!                         Read More