Feature Client of the Week: Colleen Ginter

10954529_792913527443526_7262383787432466452_nStarting off the new year with a weekly feature client of the week is my way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported Deep Creative.

In light of the new year and our initiatives to live better, healthier lives, I’d like to feature a favourite client of mine, Colleen Ginter | Counselling & Psychotherapy. Colleen takes her career very seriously and has become an outstanding therapist in her field, practicing as a Registered Clinical Social Worker since 1994. Colleen values her clients and utilizes a number of modules and therapeutic approaches, always catering towards the specific needs of each client.

“What brought me to this place of supporting and helping people with their fears, worries and 1385842_798503363551209_3993791202890308106_nstruggles? I truly believe I was born to be a social worker. It is not just a ‘job’ to me, it is a calling. It is who I am.”
Colleen G., Owner and Registered Clinical Social Worker, Colleen Ginter Counselling & Psychotherapy

Getting to work alongside Colleen last year was a privilege. Taking a new step in her career of building up her own business, we worked together to establish strong branding. This included a new logo, business card
and letterhead. Colleen was very clear on what she wanted in terms of the visuals and feel of her branding, which ensured she was pleased with the final outcome.

Contact Colleen directly for more info on her services:
Phone: (807) 630-8435
Email: info@colleenginter.ca


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