Feature Client of the Week: Lifewater.ca

Starting off the year with a weekly feature client of the week is my way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported Deep Creative.

As a residents of the Western world, I take an incredible amount for granted. Have you ever been a few hours without electricity, water or warmth? Many of the comforts in our homes are things we expect to be there with the flick of a switch or the turn of a knob…

Introducing Lifewater.ca, based right in our community, making a global difference in 1000’s of lives in lesser-developed countries. This non-profit group focuses on equipping and training Africans & Haitians specificlly, to drill wells and build washrooms throughLifewaterBanner sponsorships and donations, to make these projects affordable. This past yea, Lifewater.ca celebrated 20 years of helping over 500,000 access safe drinking water!

“Your innovative giving, varying from window washing to book sales, donating birthday party gifts to hosting golf tournaments coupled with your all around generosity sending donations and giving through United Way this past year has kept the water flowing to 4 very needy countries. We stand humbled by your dedication, ingenuity and bigheartedness. Thank you! On behalf of those waiting for safe drinking water in Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya and Haiti, I thank you for your interest. Your support keeps the safe water flowing!” — Jim G., President, Lifewater.ca

Together with the staff at Lifewater.ca, I designed 2 vertical stand-up banners based on Lifewater’s vision. These have become effective at events, for promotional purposes and an overall great asset for their team. I felt privileges to use my skills in assisting this great organization.

Please spend a moment to check out what they are presently doing:

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