Feature Client of the Week: Monkeynastix

Starting off the new year with a weekly feature client of the week is my way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported Deep Creative.

Parents be warned: Spring Break is fast approaching! But this week’s client feature is a fitting solution to that problem… Introducing Monkeynastix Thunder Bay, a great opportunity to get kids active in a fun, fresh way! If you haven’t heard of what they offer, here’s a little about them:

“Monkeynastix is a fun and challenging movement education program for children ages 1-12 years, focusing on children’s physical, cognitive and social skills. We help to develop everything from eye-hand co-ordination to speed and balance in a non-competitive environment. Once a Monkeynastixxweek a fully qualified Monkeynastix instructor presents an energizing 30-45 minute lesson plan which consists of a warm-up, stretching positions, locomotion then a main activity followed by manipulative skill development. New curriculum is introduced every three months with new lesson plans and equipment making it challenging and interesting for the children. Our goal is to get children “sport ready” and physically literate so they stay active and healthy for life!” Claudio P., Monkeynastix Thunder Bay

An avid exerciser myself, I had a great time assisting Monkeynastix Thunder Bay in camp flyers for their past summer programs, in both design as well as printing consults.

For more on what they offer, contact them below!
Phone: (807) 621-1253
Email: thunderbay@monkeynastix.ca



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