Feature Client of the Week: Sandi Boucher

Starting off the new year with a weekly feature client of the week is my way of saying “thank you” to all those
who have supported Deep Creative.

Sandi Boucher, owner and inspiration behind Traditionally Speaking Indigenous Speaker’s Network, became aTSPosters
client of mine back in March 2014. Immediately I knew great things were destined for her. Her zest for life is contagious and her work ethic is enough to inspire any entrepreneur. In our working relationship over the years, she has become one of my favourite clients to work alongside.

“I am an internationally-recognized and acclaimed author, activist, and passionate speaker on the topics of First Nations empowerment and bridge building. Through a multitude of seminars and workshops, I work diligently to assist my clients to enhance their communication within their communities and with other cultures.”
Sandi B., Traditionally Speaking Indigenous Speaker’s Network

In working alongside Sandi, I’ve been able to better understand how to visually communicate to people of other cultural backgrounds, particularly our First Nations neighbours. Together, Sandi and I have established a strong visual presence for the Network, as well as her own initiatives. Examples include seminar posters, business forms, promotional materials and inspirational prints.

If you have an interest in Sandi’s professional services, here is how you can connect:
Phone: (807) 285-0044
Email: info@traditionallyspeaking.ca

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I’d love to meet and discuss! Please give me a shout!