Feature Client of the Week: Shelley Jacobson

Starting off the new year with a weekly feature client of the week is my way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported Deep Creative.

There are always those people who go that extra mile, who believe in you, who stick with you along the way… Shelley Jacobson is one of those people. I am so grateful for the great working relationship we have formed, and am equally grateful to be able to feature Shelley and her growing business this week, Right Track Digital Communications Inc.

Shelley is truly outstanding in what she does. Not only has she trained internationally, but she aims to help local businesses and listen to their individual needs. In what, you may ask? From the mouth of Shelley herself:

Shelley“I am a certified content marketing strategist and consultant who specializes in creating powerful online marketing strategies that attracts traffic and converts that traffic into sales.”
Shelley J., Right Track Digital Communications Inc.

Examples of her powerful strategies and effective services include: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blogs, newsletters, articles, email campaigns, press releases, Facebook campaigns, and sales funnel creation services. If your finding a problem with the effectiveness of your marketing and website content, Shelley is your answer!

Shelley and I have worked in various areas, working off of each other’s strengths while advising each other in our weaknesses. Together, we’ve been able to cross-advertise each other’s services to our clients. Most recently, I had the pleasure of designing a business card for Shelley’s new business ventures.

Shelley has done phenomenal in her area of expertise so far.
Don’t hesitate to contact her on any related questions you have!
Phone: (807) 472-4178
Email: info@shelleyjacobson.com

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