Provide the BEST Customer Service you CAN!

I’ve subscribed to some AMESOME weekly/montly blast…

GREAT tips on running a small business,
GREAT tips on inspiration that meets any level or challenge in life..
Not all about branding and servicing in MY field, but everything in general!!

Some of my favourites are from OH MY HANDMADE.COM
Here is their latest I received this morning: some tips on GREAT customer service!

Some great pointers include:
• Stay Calm and Listen
• Follow Up Quickly
• Let Them Know they are Wrong with Dignity
• Prevent Problems
• Every Problem is an Opportunity in Disguise!

I won’t spoil the good stuffread about it yourself on their site!
Click the image (Image credit from Oh My Handmade!!) OR visit THIS PAGE!

It’s AMAZING what you can learn from the experience of others!