Sweets and treats…

Well folks, it’s been a poor start to my week. In catching a case of the flu on Monday, I’ve been behind in things, and had to forego this week’s Feature Client of the Week. I’ll have another lucky client featured next week… but for now, I’d like to share a recent project that a client of mine and I accomplished!

Is there anyone who has NOT tried the delectable sweets of local chocolatier, Chocolate Cow??
With recent and upcoming holidays revolving around chocolate treats, it’s hard to pass by what they’ve got to offer. ChocolateCowLOGO_FullColour
Owners Doug and Jane have both a passion and talent for what they do…

Recently, we worked together on developing a new logo for their growing business and product line.
Beginning with a few concepts, we worked hard to finish with a strong logo that was both attractive and effective.
Because they use their logo on so many different promotional materials, we kept in mind attention to detail, keeping our options open with a few different colour versions of their logo, as well.

Introducing the new logo for Chocolate Cow.

Talk to Doug in person and find out exactly why he suggested a female moose, called a cow, replace their existing character!

Thank you, Doug and Jane, for allowing me to be part of this fun project!
You can visit their web shop here… but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you end up falling for tempting purchases!