Contact: For quotes or questions on design projects, please email or call me directly and I will get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry.

Services: I offer everything from logo design and business stationary to personal invitations and gifts. I recommend that you view my online portfolio and be sure my style will fit your design needs. I also recommend a meetup before starting any projects. I am available for phone calls or scheduled meetings from Monday to Friday. For more detailed inquiries on my services, please contact me directly.

Pricing: Feel free to request a quote for quick reference on design jobs or larger projects such as wedding stationary or logos. Please note that revisions to previous jobs are subject to an hourly fee rate. Upon a larger job request/quote, I require a 45% deposit of the estimated final amount before any design work can begin. Upon completion of all design work, I require the final remaining amount to be paid. Clients unwilling to meet these terms may have their final design files withheld.

Proofing: A number of proofs will be provided depending on the job. I generally estimate 5-7 business days* from officially opening the job to the first round of your proofs. Additional revisions are made upon request. Timelines between the start and the completion of a job depends on a number of factors including client availability, client response time and the number of jobs I have scheduled for that given week. Please note I will do my best to meet any deadlines or recommended dates you will need your job by. **

Final Files: All final files are saved to a file extension(s) as requested, then emailed directly to the client. These may include .eps, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .tiff or any others as needed. All final files are print or web ready, depending upon the project. Files too large to be emailed will be uploaded through Dropbox.

Printing Services: If you are in need or printing references, I am happy to request a quote and have your files emailed to a preferred local print shop for you. (An additional fee is applicable for this service).

Copyrighting: All finished design work is sole property of the client and Deep Creative. Upon payment, you as the client have the right to use the design/files how you choose. Your designs will never become part of another client’s designs. Deep Creative reserves the right to use all projects for portfolio promotion without giving out your personal information.

Finally, thank you! Through providing my services, I aim to build a respectful, trustworthy relationship between myself and you, the client.
Feel free to contact me directly on any questions you may have regarding the design process, or if anything is unclear to you on the above terms.

*Website page design is an exception.
**Please remember to factor in additional time that you may need for printing, if applicable.

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