the world of web templates…

it’s been awhile, and i was at a loss of what to post – 
spring photography as the sun slowly dissipates the snow, 
new project sneak-peaks or recent crafty-handmade goodness…
i was recently researching for a website i am working on and i came across 
two very different websites, very far apart businesses, but very close designs…
oh, the wonderful world of web templates…
guess i’ve got a strong opinion about this topic, which brings on today’s post…
website for a local business here in Thunder Bay…

website for a local business in Brooklyn, NY…
two very distinct, interesting businesses, 
but notice the similar web page setup in both layouts…
need i say more? probably taken using the same original template
and altered to fit each businesses branding.
not a big deal, you might think, but the more advanced on the web
we get, the more of these “build-your-own-” web template programs 
are out there…and there are only so many templates to go around!
people with less experience in “customizing” their own websites
may run into much worse problems than these two…
so, bottom line, PLEASE think about leaving the “real work” to the “real creative experts”-
do your research homework, look into affordable, professional and 
trusted graphic and web designers! 
GUARANTEED your business branding will be
twice as polished, twice as professional and twice as unique,
making for overall GREAT IMPRESSION in the minds of your customers!!
questions? comments?
leave ’em below!
have a great day!

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