’tis the season…

gather up the egg-dying supplies!
i had a wonderful weekend using simple crafting materials 
for three simple diy easter centrepieces! 

…of course the dye is a must, white eggs work best,
but brown can work some interesting surprises too!
start dying them eggs!
buy… or make egg-lining-confetti! 
these is shredded paper strips, soaked in the leftover
egg-dye for about 15 minutes…
set out to dry on paper towel-lined trays…
look at the surprising results! vibrant!
centerpeice 01: line in a basket/bowl/pot for the finished eggs!
i applied masking tape cutouts to the green & pink eggs,
so while they soaked in dye, an interesting imprint was left in the shells!
speckled yellow egg effect?  – simply splatter with 
blue dye using an old toothbrush!
second centerpiece: 
layer paper confetti and eggs…
too the top of a simple, long, glass jar or vase…
enjoy the view!
third centrepiece is a nice bunch of
pussy willow branches gathered last weekend!
(no water or they will bloom out!)
questions? comments? let me know!
happy pre-easter!

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